Electrical safety

Recognising hazards associated with the use of electrical energy and taking precautions so that hazards do not produce injury or death.

Electrical hazards include a dangerous condition such that contact or equipment failure can result in electric shock, arc-flash burn, thermal burn or blast.

Electrical safety (image)

Ballochmyle House conduit box

This early conduit box or junction box was designed to hold electrical connections and conceal them from sight and from tampering.

It was installed in Ballochmyle House in 1883 and would have been one of the earliest UK domestic electrical installations (installed the year following publication of the first wiring regulations in 1882).

Lamp-holders, switches, fuses and wiring in use today were first developed in the 1880s, and their design has changed little except for changes in materials.

Lieutenant-Colonel Claud Alexander, MP for South Ayrshire, owned Ballochmyle at the time of installation of the conduit box in 1883.

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