100 ideas

Engineers have radically changed lives for the better over the years, solving problems, improving safety and contributing to the quality of life.

Our first floor lobby display reflects this with a display about the 100 ideas that changed the world, as chosen by IET members.

Solar energy Integrated electronic circuitry Light emitting diodes Carbon Fibre
Sound detection / sonar


Road infrastructure

Traffic signals
Pneumatic tyre Telescope Triode valve Innovation Award Healthcare Technologies category
Innovation Award Information Technology category Nanotechnology AC power generation Air conditioning
Space exploration Buildings & infrastructure Telegraphy Oil production
Satellite navigation Spectacles Flood defence Trains
Weaponry Shipping Steam technology Aviation
Steel Mobile telephony Radar Internal combustion engine
Television broadcasting Domestic electricity Computer programming Sewer systems
Lightning protection Electric lamp Timekeeping Innovation Award Transport category
Data storage Elevators & escalators Electromagnetic induction Video recorder
Canned food Plastics Encryption / code breaking Robotics
Innovation Award Start-up and Sustainability category Cameras Computing Suspension bridge
Refrigeration Microscope Electrical regulations Fibre optic communication networks
Lasers Fire detection Navigational instruments Electric battery
Radio X-rays Photography Optical data storage
Bicycle Microphone Microprocessor Jet engine
Artificial satellites Measurement of length Water supply Control systems
Copper Wearable technology Automobiles Portable music
Measurement Nuclear power 3D printing Typewriter
Wind energy Movable type printing Electrical safety Railway electrification
Medical imaging Colossus Electronic semiconductivity Hydraulics
Glass Transistor Particle physics Telephony
Space transportation Synthetic textiles Medical devices Power transmission and distribution
Agricultural mechanisation Brake caliper Internet Switches

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