Electric lamp

An electric lamp is a replaceable component that produces light from electricity. Compact lamps are called light bulbs. There are several different types of lamp which use different mechanisms.

For example one of the most common types of lamp is the incandescent lamp where a filament inside a glass envelope is heated to produce light.

Sunbeam light bulb

The use of this Sunbeam lamp, one of a pair, is unknown. The bulb was probably made in the UK by the Sunbeam Lamp Company Limited (1887-1913), a company closely linked to the North-East firm Clarke Chapman and Company Limited. Sunbeam was formed in 1887 to manufacture early electric bulbs and carbon filament electric lamps. The partners in this company were William Clarke, A H Chapman and Charles Parsons (also partners in Clarke Chapman) and it occupied Park House on the Clarke Chapman site. The company went into liquidation in 1912 and was closed down in 1926.