Innovation Award Information Technology category

The IET Innovation Awards were founded in 2005 and recognise and reward the best new innovations in engineering, science and technology.

These annual awards are open to all innovators, and industrial companies of all sizes, academic departments and enterprising individuals have won over the years. There are 15 categories, covering the breadth of the IET’s activities, and each category is independently peer-reviewed by a panel of experts in that field.

The object on display, made by QinetiQ, won the Information Technology Innovation Award in 2015.

DSALT (Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training)

DSALT (Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training) is a unique distributed simulation system provided to the UK MOD at the Air Battlespace Training Centre, RAF Waddington, by a QinetiQ led team working with military personnel, Boeing and PLEXSYS.

From 2008, DSALT has made innovative use of commercial-off-the shelf computing, exploiting technologies developed for the home gaming market. This trend of innovation continued through a technology refresh of the system introducing virtual computing technology, commonly used in industries such as banking.

DSALT provides a rich simulated environment for military mission training exercises, ensuring our armed forces are prepared for today’s warfighting challenges.