Innovation Award Transport category

The IET Innovation Awards were founded in 2005 and recognise and reward the best new innovations in engineering, science and technology.

These annual awards are open to all innovators, and industrial companies of all sizes, academic departments and enterprising individuals have won over the years.

There are 15 categories, covering the breadth of the IET’s activities, and each category is independently peer-reviewed by a panel of experts in that field.

The object on display, made by Loughborough University, won the Transport Innovation Award in 2016.


Repoint: A breakthrough in failsafe rail track switching

Repoint is a breakthrough technology using concepts derived from the aerospace and nuclear industries.

It offers the potential for higher junction capacity coupled with reduced maintenance intervention and a reduced whole life cost. It provides a step-change improvement in reliability, potentially putting an end to points failures.

Rather than sliding the rails transversely, it uses a lift, hop and drop mechanism, providing passive locking.

This mechanism is unique because it allows for several point machines/actuators to act on the same points, which means that the remaining point machines/actuators can operate the points safely in the event of a failure.

Loughborough University