Innovation Award Young Innovators category

The IET Innovation Awards were founded in 2005 and recognise and reward the best new innovations in engineering, science and technology.

These annual awards are open to all innovators, and industrial companies of all sizes, academic departments and enterprising individuals have won over the years.

There are 15 categories, covering the breadth of the IET’s activities, and each category is independently peer-reviewed by a panel of experts in that field.

Compact magnetometers for analysing the magnetic field of the heart

This is a model of a medical device capable of measuring the magnetic field produced by a heart to create a detailed field map called a Magnetocardiogram. Subtle changes to this map can indicate abnormal heart function which could help doctors identify and diagnose different cardiac problems.

The major development here is the unusual structure of the sensors in the device. By incorporating materials with disordered atomic structures and assembling them into hollow shapes, markedly increased sensitivity was achieved in a much smaller volume. This meant the device could be lightweight, sensitive, and highly mobile. IET Young Innovators – Winner 2018.

Creavo Medical Technologies