Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

The word robotics was derived from the word robot, first introduced to the public by Czech writer Karel Capek in his play Rossum’s Universal Robots published in 1920 (he credited his brother Josef Capek as its actual originator). The word robotics was first used in print by Isaac Asimov in his science fiction short story Liar published in May 1941 in Astounding Science Fiction.

iRobot Roomba

This is iRobot's vacuum cleaning robot called a Roomba. It is a model 650 from the Roomba 600 series. The Roomba features a set of basic sensors that help it perform tasks. For example, the Roomba is able to change direction on encountering obstacles, to detect dirty spots on the floor, and to sense steep drops to keep it from falling down stairs. iRobot was founded in 1990 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists, Colin Angle, Helen Greiner and Rodney Brooks, and has its headquarters in Bedford Massachusetts. The Roomba series of vacuum cleaning robots was launched in 2002.