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Public Liability Insurance – why do I need it?

IET has a standard policy that all events and clients need to have sufficient cover.

The reason you need the insurance is in case of an accident. The party that caused the accident would be the one held responsible. For example, if you had a box with magazines on the floor and a delegate trips over this your company would be responsible because it is your box in the way. If you had an AV supplier (for example) and they have a faulty plug that causes an incident it would be their responsibility and their insurance company that would have to resolve the problem. Therefore, public liability insurance is required from all parties at events – including suppliers.

You can get a one-off licence very easily online – please see helpful links below for some examples.

This is not something we do for profit, we require public liability insurance from everyone because it protects yourself, your delegates and our venue.

Who does this protect?

It protects the policyholder from unwanted and/or unaffordable costs and expenses relating to accidental bodily harm, damage/loss of property and even death.

For example, during an event, if a guest would have an accident attending your event you would have to have insurance to cover this.

Does the IET have PLI?

Our venue has its own insurance in case of an accident but only if we are the party that directly causes an accident.

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