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How to plan a successful hybrid team-building day

Team building days are extremely beneficial for both employers and colleagues. They motivate people to work together, develop people’s strengths, address any weaknesses and help people get to know one another.

Motivations for teambuilding days vary from learning new skills and fostering creativity, to problem-solving, but 83% of you believe the fundamental aim is simply to build relationships, according to our recent research polls.

So, how do you find an activity that’s inclusive, appeals to different personality types, and considers varying levels of comfort when it comes to interaction?

Consider the venue

Our polls showed that 67% of respondents would prefer an off-site team building day away from their own office, so finding the right venue is a good starting point.

You can’t assume that your entire team is comfortable in large group settings yet, so it’s important to find a venue with stringent hygiene and safety measures in place, and numerous breakout spaces if you want to filter off into smaller groups.

Consider a venue offering both indoor and outdoor options to ensure fresh air but have weather contingency plans in place for the ultimate corporate days out.

Introduce a hybrid element

Although 78% of people feel virtual team building is not as effective as in-person, that still leaves 22% of people to potentially cater for that may wish to dial in remotely.

Using high-tech hybrid technology to give remote guests the best experience they can and still feel part of the action is key to making the two-pronged approach a success.

Choose a suitable activity

When it comes to skill-based activities, it’s difficult to choose something that your entire team are likely to be equally skilled in, so it can be a nice alternative to offer a collaborative activity that sees small groups work on something together.

For example, a group painting, cake decorating or giant pizza making that everybody can then eat once made.

If others are joining virtually for these hands-on activities, they can be given a specific role, e.g. creative director to ensure they’re included.

Break it up

Our attention spans have generally lessened over the past 18 months as virtual events have been shortened and the importance of taking breaks has heightened.

Choosing a location with nearby walks or nice outdoor breakout areas is key in keeping attendees engaged during a team-building day.

Invest in catering

Food unites people!

Whether curating an activity that involves food-making or just taking a break to deliver a nice team lunch, the impact that good catering has on the success of an event is huge.

Factor in your team’s dietary requirements and perhaps plan in advance to send a food delivery or postal gesture to any team members unable to join in person.

For more information on hosting successful bespoke team building days at Savoy Place, get in touch with a member of our team.