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Room hire prices

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What's included?

Meeting Room hire includes:

– 55”- 95” fixed flat-screen HD display with PC, video and audio connectivity*
– Free Wi-Fi for all delegates
– Flipchart and pens.

*size subject to room type, Maxwell library excluded.

Lecture Theatre hire includes:

– High-Resolution widescreen projection including PC
– L’Acoustics sound system, lectern with microphone, 1 lapel and 2 handheld microphones
– Digital sound desk and basic stage lighting
– Dedicated AV technician(s) x2 Kelvin, x1 Turing.

All boardroom, cabaret and classroom-style meetings also include:

– Writing pads
– Pens
– Bottled still water.

Room hire prices 2023


Maximum capacity

Day rate

(8am to 5pm)

Evening rate

(6pm to 11pm)

Ground floor
Kelvin Lecture Theatre* 4511 (Tiered theatre style) £5,075 £3,920
Flowers Room 120 (Reception) £1,750 £1,075
Lovelace Room 80 (Reception) £1,750 £1,075
Haslett Room 120 (Reception) £1,750 £1,075
Watson-Watt Room 100 (Reception) £1,750 £1,075
Marconi Room 80 (Reception) £1,750 £1,075
Blumlein Room - all three sections 80 (Reception) £1,750 £1,075
Blumlein - 1 section 12 (Boardroom) £590 £470
Blumlein - 2 sections 15 (Boardroom) £1,185 £945
Ground floor package (all ground floor rooms)   £13,650 £9,130
1st floor
Maxwell Library ** 190 (Reception) £3,360 £2,695
Wedmore Boardroom 26 (Boardroom - fixed) £1,885 £1,075
Siemens Boardroom 80 (Reception) £1,750 £1,075
2nd floor
Turing Lecture Theatre*** 1752 (Tiered theatre style) £3,950 £3,200
Mountbatten Exhibition Room 100 (Reception) £1,885 £1,075
Appleton Room 10 (Boardroom) £245 £105
(from 5:30 to 6:30pm)
Bell Room 6 (Boardroom) £230 £105
(from 5:30 to 6:30pm)
Faraday Centre 175 (Reception) n/a £2,000
3rd floor
Riverside room****
(Can be partitioned into 5 separate rooms which each have a capacity of between 50 - 90)
330 (Reception) £6,990 £5,590
Johnson Roof Terrace
(Can only be booked in conjunction with the Riverside Room)
200 (Reception) £850 £890
Mega Lecture
Combined use of both the Lecture Theatres, ground floor, Library and Exhibition Room 626 £20,150 £14,000

Lecture Theatre Day Delegate Rate includes:

– Room Hire from 8am to 5pm
– Inclusive AV equipment
– Catering Rooms from 8am to 5pm
– Hot or cold fork buffet lunch
– Servings of tea, coffee with treats x3
– Water throughout the day.

Day Delegate Rate

Capacity Price per person
Lecture Theatre Day Delegate Rate (DDR):

  • Turing Lecture Theatre minimum number DDR = 100 delegates
  • Kelvin Lecture Theatre minimum number DDR = 250 delegates
£95 plus VAT

Session times

Session time Charge per additional hour
Day rate* - 8am to 5pm N/A
Evening rate* N/A
Early opening - 7am to 8am (Reception and Duty Manager) £290 per hour
Late opening** - 11pm to 1am £440 per hour per room (plus license fee for TENs license extension)
Early set-up - 1am to 7am £440 per hour per room

*Please note in the period of room hire is the total time you have access to the room, and we ask that you ensure that it is adequate to cover any set-up
and breakdown requirements.

** Late opening is subject to TENs license application with Westminster County Council.

(TENs = Temporary Event Notice)

Please note:

  1. All room hire rates are quoted excluding VAT.
  2. *Minimum numbers of 250 people on DDR apply to daytime Kelvin Lecture Theatre bookings or a minimum catering spend of £6,800 plus VAT. The services of an AV technician and built-in AV equipment are included in the lecture theatre charges. A second AV technician will be required in the Kelvin Lecture Theatre if using split-screen technology - a chargeable fee applies.
  3. **A minimum catering spend of £2,800 plus VAT applies to bookings in the Maxwell Library.
  4. *** Minimum numbers of 100 people on DDR apply to the Turing Lecture Theatre or a minimum catering spend of £3,500 plus VAT.
  5. ****A minimum catering spend of £4,500 plus VAT applies to bookings in the Riverside Room.
  6. The right to alter this tariff without notice is reserved.
  7. Bespoke quotations can also be provided for weekend, Bank Holiday and New Years Bookings.
  8. Agency commission will only be paid (where applicable) to full commercial, non-discounted rates.
  9. A minimum catering spend of £1,000 plus VAT applies to all evening bookings.

A full list of terms and conditions of hire is available upon request.