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How events can build your brand awareness

In a world of constant advertising, your product or service needs to stand out from a crowd and be memorable, so hosting an event is an ideal way to grab the attention of potential customers.

Here are our top insights into why you should be including events in your brand building strategies - and how to go about it.

Spread your key message

Align the theme of your event with the core messaging of your brand and show potential customers what you stand for.

Showing your values clearly will attract event attendees for which these ideals resonate – your perfect customer base.

Displaying your values is also imperative in creating a brand identity - allowing your delegates to truly experience what you have to offer.

Also consider how you are going to share your messages - perhaps a workshop to provide expertise, or a programme of speakers that link to your industry and purpose?

The most important thing is to make your event a real experience for your delegates.

Show the human side of your brand

The benefit of theming your event around your values, rather than just a product showcase, is that it proves your company is much more than just what it sells.

Humanising your brand breaks down the barriers between you and your customers and is more likely to lead to brand loyalty.

A live event also creates valuable face time with your potential customers, allowing them to ask any questions they may have and to experience your products or services first-hand.

Establish a conversation with your customers and prospects and make sure they feel as though they really know you - this will create loyalty and powerful brand advocacy.

Networking is fundamental to building your brand - but what happens if some of your potential customers can’t travel to your venue?

Host a hybrid event instead and ensure you include virtual attendees in the full experience.

Make it memorable

An event is a perfect opportunity to wow your customers and prospects with a truly memorable experience that will put your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Food can be one of the most memorable parts of an event if it is done well, so consider theming your catering to fit in with the core messaging of your event, or serving something out of the box that will get your guests talking.

Location is everything, so pick a well-connected venue with a space that fits the style of your event.

For a conference-style event with industry experts speaking, pick a large lecture theatre with outstanding AV facilities – and for something truly unique why not pick a roof terrace with views over the city?

Transform your venue

Gone are the days of paper and plastic branding discarded after the event - save your money and your planet with digital branding.

Digital branding around the venue – both inside your venue space and in communal areas - creates an immersive experience for your guests, and makes your brand identity recognisable and memorable.

Furthermore, immersive branding makes your attendees feel as though they are at your brand headquarters, rather than an external venue and adds to your brand building.

A centre renowned for technical innovation, Savoy Place offers an all-encompassing high-tech event experience.

With the technology and expertise to offer venue-wide digital branding in-house, such as a 4k video wall, seamless branding in the foyer and elevators, and striking interactive chandelier lit up in a choice of colours, you can enjoy integrated branding throughout the event space to fully immerse your attendees in your brand identity.