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Duty managers

The duty managers work in shift patterns to ensure someone is always available. Responsibilities are spread between the team of four to ensure they are all capable of carrying out all the necessary duties. These responsibilities are changed every six months to ensure their roles feel fresh and for everyone to gain varied experience around the building.

The main role of a duty manager is to ensure day to day operations run in the building run smoothly, for the Faraday Centre and events. This requires being aware of all the events taking place daily to ensure that members and delegates are being looked after. All duty managers are First Aid trained and act as incident controllers, this makes them responsible for evacuations in case of emergencies.

Duty Managers meet and greet customers and are often the first point of contact for the clients. Due to this, they have a close relationship with the Faraday Centre team to make sure they are aware of events taking place and are supported when Savoy Place is hosting large amounts of people. It is an extremely diverse role that keeps all of the duty managers busy. There are a variety of tasks that need to be carried out daily, yet no two days are the same.

At Savoy Place, the Duty Managers are always looking at ways to improve the business. The diverse role is essential in finding new innovative and efficient ways of working at the venue.